Biography: Yannick Donnadieu

Students Surpervised:

Svetlana Botysun — Integrated ocean-atmosphere climate modeling: the effect of Himalayan uplift on regional climate and on the global carbon cycle.

Host Institution:

Laboratoire des Sciences du Climate et de l'Environement (LSCE), Paris, France


Email:                                                                                  Tel: +33016908 8666

Personal Website

My role in iTECC:

I am the co-supervisor of Svetlana Botysun. My research includes numerical modeling of the Earth's system with various tools to understand the mechanisms forcing the Earth's system toward ice ages and warm ages. I look at the role played by the long term carbon cycle and the weathering component modifications under continental drifting as well as the interactions between oceanic gateways opening and closing and the marine carbon cycle. Some tools I use are the low resolution  Fast Ocean Atmosphere Model (FOAM), the Atmospheric General Circulation Model (LMD), the Ice Sheet Model GRISLI and the Coupled Carbon - Climate model GEOCLIM.

Publications related to iTECC:

Please see my website above for publications related to iTECC.

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