Biography: Yani Najman

Students Surpervised:

Principal supervisor to PhD student Gwladys Govin.

Principal advisor to Post-doctoral Research Associates Mike Kelly and Guangsheng Zhuang.

Host Institution:

Lancaster Environmental Centre, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YQ, UK



Personal Website

My role in iTECC:

I am the itecc Deputy Co-ordinator responsible for training. I co-ordinate the training workshops that all Fellows attend and I am also responsible for the organisation of the field school in Nepal in Autumn 2014. As the PI for the Lancaster partner in iTECC, I coordinate the involvement of our institute. I am principal supervisor to PhD student Gwladys Govin, and advisor to Post-Doctoral Associates Guangsheng Zhuang and Mike Kelly.  I am also a co-supervisor to Lorenzo Gemignani (VU, Netherlands) and Natalie Vogeli (UJF, Grenoble) and will be secondary advisor to the Post-Doctoral Associate who will be based at Cambridge.

Publications related to iTECC:

Please see my C.V. and publication list here.

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