Biography: Svetlana Botsyun

My Project:

Integrated ocean-atmosphere climate modeling: the effect of Himalayan uplift on regional climate and on the global carbon cycle.

Working with:

Yannick Donnadieu                                                                                                                Pierre Sepulcher

Host Organisation:

Laboratoire des Sciences du Climate et de l'Environement (LSCE), Paris, France

Native Country:


Graduated from:

Moscow State University, Russia


Tel: +33169086774

Doctoral Research:

I have a background in geology and numerical modeling, so as my main working instrument is coupled climate numerical models (GCMs). This research aims to provide constraints on the Himalayan-Tibet elevation’s history. The Himalayan-Tibet barrier dominates atmospheric circulation over central Asia as well impacting global climate. In addition, the vast amounts of sediment eroding from this region are a significant sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide through the weathering of silicate rocks and burial of organic matter in adjacent oceans. Now I a focusing of paleoclimate modelling for Cenozoic for appreciating climate changes due to various continents configuration and topography. It is necessary to do for understanding the impact of climate changing on the measured delta 18O values, which is, by tern, used for paleoelevation estimations. Therefore we will be able to provide new interpretation of delta 18O in terms of paleoaltimetry throughout the Cenozoic.


Svetlana Botsyun, Pierre Sepulchre, and Yannick Donnadieu. Impact of Himalayas and Tibetan plateau uplift on regional climate and isotopic lapse rate // EGU General Assembly 2014. Vienna, Austria, 28 April - 03 May 2014, Vol. 16, EGU2014-5866, 2014.


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