Biography: Ruben Rosenkranz

My project:

The effect of erosion and abrasion on mineral age

Working with:

Cornelia Spiegel

Host organization:

Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen, Germany

Native country:


Graduated from:

B.Sc. in Natural Sciences — University of Rome "La Sapienza"                                M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences — University of Rome "La Sapienza"


Email:                                                                      Tel:  +4942121865282                

Doctoral research:

During my Master Thesis, I worked on the quantitative aspects of erosional processes. For my PhD, instead, I will try to understand how erosion and sediment transport may affect low-thermochronological methods. In fact, (U-Th)/He ages are corrected for He loss by α-ejection at grain margins. However, in detrital minerals the He-depleted outer part of the grain may be mechanically abraded during sediment transport, leading to over-correction for α-ejection. To test this potential effect, ages from raw and abraded detrital and bedrock grains in small catchments will be compared and the results applied to projects using detrital (U-Th)/He data. I'm currently working on locating the areas best suited to our sampling strategy. Our plans are to sample from various different catchments, with different lithologies and different cooling histories. Our first sampling site could be the Kali Gandaki river, in the upper Mustang region, and we will follow the sediments along its flow, in order to find continuously abraded grains of apatite.


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