Biography: Mohammad Sohi

My project:

The effect of pore waters on mineral age

Working with:

Cornelia Spiegel

Host organization:

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Native country:


Graduated from:

B.Sc. in Geology — Tehran                                                                                                        M.Sc. in Solid Earth — VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Email:                                                                                            Tel:  +49 42121865282

Doctoral research:

I have a background in geochemistry and geochronology, particularly in 40Ar/39Ar dating method and now I am continuing my way in geochronology but in different method. In general I am focusing on the methodology behind the U-Th/He dating technique to reveal whether the pore waters of bedrock mass can effect on mineral age or not.
Various petrological environments including basic and felsic will be considered to find out the influence of their contained pore waters on the AHe age. To achieve this goal, several areas in Himalaya (Nepal) and India have been denoted to check and sample for discovering the enigmas in my project.

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