Biography: Michael Kelly

My project:

The Palaeocene-Eocene record of far-field effects of the India-Asia collision and foreland uplift

Working with:

Yani Najman                                                                                                                                Steve Goodlad                                                                                                                   Premanand Mishra

Host organization:

Cairn India Limited / Lancaster University

Native country:

United Kingdom

Graduated from:

B.Sc (Hons.) — Geology and Physical Geography                                                               Ph.D in Structural Geology — Keele University


Email:                                                                                  Tel: +91 (0) 1244593654


The timing of the Indian plate collision within the Asian plate to create the Himalayas is broadly considered to be dated at ca 55-50 Ma. However, influence of this collision on the development of basins in the foreland, on the Indian carton to the south, is not well understood; for example the nature and extent of the initial Himalayan fore-bulge is poorly defined, and the basins potentially associated with reactivation of basement highs incompletely known. This project will seek to determine the evolution of the key parts of the foreland region where outcrop and subsurface geophysical and geological data are available, and define sediment fill provenance. The Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, is one such basin that is a major oil producing region, with hydrocarbon generation and migration potentially influenced by Himalayan tectonic events. Yet the controls on the evolution of this and related basins are largely unknown; a rift-related setting but with regional tilting and reactivation of basement highs on the Indian craton potentially due to the India-Asia collision.

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