Biography: Madeleine Bohlin

My project:

Chemical weathering and the Earth's thermostat

Working with:

Mike Bickle

Host organization:

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.

Native country:


Graduated from:

BSc in Earth Sciences — Uppsala University

MSc in Geology — Stockholm University


Doctoral research:

I'm investigating chemical weathering processes in the Himalayas. Weathering of the silicate crust is one of the most important mechanisms that consume atmospheric CO2 and by that buffering the Earth’s climate on a geological time scale. Stable isotopes, especially those of light elements like lithium and magnesium, readily fractionate during chemical reactions. Ideally, specific processes will fractionate the isotopes in specific ways making them very sensitive as geochemical tracers of these processes.

However, the isotopic fractionation is not limited to the natural environment and analysis and measurements are often plagued by biased data with large errors. I am currently working on improving analytical methods and developing ways of effectively separating lithium and magnesium from matrix elements, allowing accurate and precise analysis of isotopic ratios using the latest advancements in multi-collector inductively coupled mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS). My results will hopefully aid in constraining weathering fluxes in the Himalayas and the impact that the Himalayas have on our climate.

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