Biography: Iris van der Veen

My project:

Monsoonal variability and erosional processes on decadal to millennial time-scales.

Working with:

Dirk Sachse                                                                                                                            Manfred Strecker                                                                                                                     

Host Organisation:

Potsdam University, Germany

Native Country:

The Netherlands

Graduated from:

Bachelors, Earth sciences — University of Amsterdam                                      Masters, Geochemistry — University of Utrecht


Tel. +49 331 9775788                                                                                                            Email:

Doctoral Research:

Monsoonal variability and erosional processes on decadal to millennial timescales control the impact of climate variability on glacial, fluvial, landslide- and debris-flow erosion on different time scales in the NW Himalaya, a transitional area between the summer monsoon and westerly precipitation regimes. The present day moisture transport will be determined from remotely sensed rainfall, snow-cover and glacial velocity data as well as gauging station runoff, There will be a combination between the analysis of remotely sensed data on moisture transport with water and lipid biomarker stable isotope analysis to constrain organic matter sources and to decipher transport and erosive processes within a large fluvial catchment in the Indian Himalaya. By using sedimentological archives (river terrace sediments, lake sediments) wet will try reconstruct changes in these processes over time and relate them to monsoonal variability during the Holocene.

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