Biography: Eric Deal

My project:

Coupled models of tectonic evolution, climate and erosion

Working with:

Jean Braun

Host organization:

Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Native country:


Graduated from:

B.Sc. — University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada



Doctoral research:

I have a background in geophysics and geophysical fluid dynamics, however I switched focuses for my Phd to study erosional processes in the Himalaya, and how they mediate interactions between climate and tectonics. I am using numerical models for climate, erosion and tectonics based on recent numerical model developments by prof. Jean Braun. The models will be informed by modern climate data as well as past climate reconstructions and geochronology data from other researchers in the iTECC group. I am currently actively working on the climate aspect of the problem, using the TRMM dataset to investigate the relationship between precipitation variability and discharge variability in the himalayan mountains.

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