iTECC’s Research Focus:

Tectonics and climate are interdependent. The tectonics of orogens are moderated by climate through erosion. Exposure of rock by tectonics or erosion is critical to the feedback which governs changes in global climate, whilst topography influences rainfall. The principle objective of iTECC is to use the Himalaya as a natural laboratory to train young scientists in understanding such coupled processes. iTECC will integrate information from sedimentary archives with work on present-day tectonics, weathering, erosion and climate. Hereto iTECC brings together and develops expertise in: observation and modeling of the active deformation of the lithosphere; processes of weathering and erosion; study of the geological records of the past evolution of these processes; and modeling of present and past climate change. The breadth of this research provides training in observational, analytical and mathematical methods applied in Earth and environmental sciences. The proposed interdisciplinary training will result in a cohort of Earth Scientists with the cross-disciplinary expertise to enable them to tackle the problems posed in understanding the complex earth processes which moderate our surface environment.

iTECC’s research programme is structured around four inter-related work packages:

  1. WP1: In WP1, testable models from the study of modern processes of tectonics and climate will be developed, using the information from the sedimentary records to verify these models.

  2. WP2: Aims at quantifying the controls on chemical weathering and physical erosion in the Himalaya by understanding the feedback loops with global atmospheric CO2 levels and hence climate.

  3. WP3: The use of sedimentary records to infer the evolution of past tectonics, weathering, erosion and climate through time

  4. WP4: Involves development and refinement of analytical techniques needed to better interpret the past and present-day records of exhumation, erosion and climate processes.

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