iTECC is composed of a diverse group of PhD students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, professors/research scientists and industrial partners. We have a wide range of back grounds from petrology and geochronology to isotope geochemistry and geologic numerical modelling.

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Associated Partners:

iTECC is also made up of a number of scientists/industry specialists that, while not directly involved with the project, provide support and opportunities to help guide our research and development. They are as follows:

  1. Dr. Armelle Kloppenburg — Midland Valley Exploration, U.K.
  2. Dr. Eduardo Garzanti — Universita Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  3. Dr. D. Fluteau — Institut de Physique du Globe, France
  4. Dr. P. Brown — University College London, U.K.
  5. Dr. Ian Millar — NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratories, U.K.
  6. Dr. F. Lunsmann — InfoTerra Gmbh, Germany
  7. Dr. A. Weh — SelFrag AG, Australia
  8. Mr. S. Twartz — Cairn Sangu Field, Bangladesh
  9. Mr. R.F.E. Jones — Cairn, U.K.
  10. Professor G. Dupont Nivet — Universite de Rennes, France
  11. Professor F. Gradstein — University of Oslo, Norway




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