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A large goal of the iTECC project is to be able to conduct outreach programs to the general so that we can share our research findings with everyone but especially the people of the Himalayan region. To do that, a committee of PhD students and a Post-Doc and the excellent Inventis design team, set out to develop, design and implement a new website that, in the end would be aesthetically pleasing, easy to find and be a good resource for both researchers in the iTECC group as well as for other scientists and the general public.

Now, as we near the end of the project and the countdown for the website to go live, the iTECC group would like to welcome you to our brand new website and give everyone an introduction/overview of all the things you can access on our site!


Home Page:

On the home page you can find a short introduction to iTECC, check out all of the partners involved in iTECC and to get an overview of our blog updates to see what we've been up to. At the bottom of every page, you can find some contact information for the Webmaster and the iTECC Main Office in Amsterdam.


About Page:

On the "About" page you can find a little more information on what iTECC is and what goals we have for research, student development and outreach.


People Page:

On the "People" page, you will be able to find information on all of the participants in the iTECC project. From the principal investigators (PIs), to the Post-Doc's, the PhD students and partners associated with the project. Click on an individual picture to learn more about where that researcher is from and what they are up to in iTECC.


Research Page:

The "Research" page gives more detailed information on the research goals and priorities for the iTECC program.


Blog Page:

On the "Blog" page, the people of iTECC will keep you updated with what we are doing from updates about individual research, group workshops/conferences and group fieldtrips to our outreach efforts. This will be the most "updated" area of the website.


Contact Page:

If you have a comment or question head on over to the contact page where you can fill out form with your details and message. These will then be sent to the webmaster and will be distributed to the appropriate parties if need be.


The iTECC group hopes that you enjoy our new website. Happy viewing!

The iTECC web committee

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