Lithospheric Deformation/Earth Observation Workshop 2014

Ah, the beautiful city of Amsterdam, at least in April, when the iTECC research group gathered for its second training workshop on lithospheric deformation, Earth observation and a supervisory board meeting. With only one fellow missing, the group was almost 100% strong and eager to learn about active tectonism in the Himalaya from Dr's Alex Copley and Jean Braun. As well as learning about interesting structural and geophysical modelling software from Dr. Armelle Kloppenburg and tools of LiDAR and Remote Sensing with Dr. Gerold Zeilinger.

On Tuesday, we started with earthquake seismology, space geodesy and the earthquake cycle in the morning, wrapping it up with an exercise on what we had learned.

Lorenzo and Jesse solving a tectonics dilemma


Tuesday afternoon continued with large-scale continental dynamics, buoyancy forces and rheology and exploring the Himalayas and Tibet using Google Earth.

Wednesday morning continued with the basics of critical wedge theory, an

Dr. Braun

introduction to numerical modeling and exploring a variety of mountain belts with Google Earth. Wednesday afternoon saw us developing some experience the "Move" software made by the Midland Valley Exploration Group.

Thursday began with the iTECC supervisory board meeting with all fellows and almost all of the PI's attending. We then continued with an introduction to the principles of Earth observation and was followed by a small field excursion to

Laser Scanning Into.

learn about and use a terrestrial laser scanner and DGPS device. We continued on Friday by processing our field data with ArcGIS.

Supervisory Board Meeting!

Scattered throughout these lectures, each iTECC fellow gave a short presentation on the state of his or her research so

everyone in the group could

Mike presenting his research!

learn about each other's research.

And of course, no gathering of geologists is complete without good food, beer and comradery!



Turkish dinner!






Our next workshop is the field excursion to the Nepalese Himalaya in October quicklyfollowed by a Research-In-Progress Workshop in late November. Stay tuned for more updates!


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