Welcome to iTECC's blog! Here we will give you updates and articles on research, workshops, conferences, fieldwork, outreach and anything else that we are currently involved in. You will be able to find articles by the Post-Doc's, PhD students (and hopefully some of the PI's). Enjoy and contact us with any questions or comments!

iTECC in the Himalaya

After much preparation and anticapation, a group of 30 iTECC students, post-docs, professors and family members embarked on a two-week long excursion along the Annapurna circuit of Nepal to explore the geology, culture, food and the good times that Nepal has to offer!

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Deciphering silicate weathering in the Himalaya from 40K- 40Ca

Here, in his first iTECC publication, Jesse Davenport (PhD student at CRPG) produces 40K-40Ca data on Himalyan rivers, silicates, carbonates and dolomites to try to see if the 40K-40Ca method can be used as a promising tracer of carbonate and silicate weathering in the complicated Himalayan system.

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iTECC at the 29th Himalayan-Karakorum and Tibet Workshop

In early September a group of iTECC fellows and professors traveled to Lucca, Italy to participate in the 29th HKT conference. The fellows and professors presented their current research and results as posters and oral presentations in front of other HImalayan experts and graduate students. The iTECC fellows also completed a successful campaign to be recognized and have the honor of hosting the 31st HKT conference in southeastern France!

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Lithospheric Deformation/Earth Observation Workshop 2014

The iTECC Fellows, Post-Doc's and PI's gathered at the beginning of April at the VU University in Amsterdam for a five day workshop to learn about tectonics and deformation in the Himalaya and the tools that geologists use to investigate these processes.

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