March — Recruitment Workshop at VU University Amsterdam, Supervisory Board Meeting


January 20-26 — Amsterdam Training Week

  • Presentation skills training, Project management, Planning of iTECC Outreach, Isotope techniques

April 8-11 — Amsterdam Training Week

  • On April 8 - 11 the iTECC ESR’s (Early Stage Researchers or doctoral students) and ER’s (Experienced Researchers or Post-docs) are invited for a lithospheric deformation workshop and an Earth Observation workshop. All training activities will be held on the sixth floor of the Science building of the VU University Amsterdam.

October 19-30 — Himalayan Tibetan iTECC Field Trip

  • Sunday 19th Oct: Arrive in Kathmandu and get acclimated!
  • 20th: Travel to Butwal!

  • 21st and 22nd: Take a look at Paleogene and Neogene foreland basin sediments on our way to Pokhara!

  • 23rd-25th: Taking a hike through Lesser Himalayan geology!

  • 26th-28th: Travel to Johmson, with Higher Himalayan and Tethyan Himalayan geology along the way!

  • 29th: Johmson-Muktinath with Tethyan Himalayan geology!

  • 30th: Fly from Johmson back to Kathmandu!

  • 1st Nov: Depart from Kathmandu to home!

November 28 — Research-In-Progress & Mid Term Report meeting

  •      Invited Speaker: Doug Burbank


January 19-20 — Climate Modelling Workshop

Invited Speakers:

  • Raymond Pierrehumbert (U. Chicago)
  • Dan Lunt (U. Bristol)
  • Chris Poulsen (U. Michigan)
  • Matthew Huber (U. New HampShire)
  • Didier Paillard (CEA)
  • Zhongshi Zhang (U. Bergen)
  • Dorian Abbot (U. Chicago)
  • Francis Codron (U. Paris 6)

April — EGU: Research-In-Progress Workshop                                                    

Supervisory Board Meeting


During the Annual International Himalayan-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop:

- Research in Progress Workshop

- Supervisory Board Meeting

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